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Neurodynamic Solutions

Being the originator of the concept of neurodynamics in physiotherapy, Michael Shacklock has expanded the concept to link with the musculoskeletal system. Based on his innovative internationally acclaimed best-selling text (Clinical Neurodynamics), these widely hosted hands-on courses have been running for 20 years and are offered globally at universities, elite sports centers and hospitals.

These practical hands-on courses take the therapist from the old concepts of neural tension to a new concept of neurodynamics. Shacklock’sneurodynamic concept is presented clearly and methodically and offers the clinician new techniques for diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal problems with a neural component. The Shacklock concept helps the therapist select and perform new diagnostic and treatment techniques without provoking symptoms and progresses from the highly restricted patient to the athlete. These are illustrated with practical demonstrations and real-time imaging videos of neural movement techniques, collected exclusively by Michael Shacklock and the Neurodynamic Solutions (NDS) faculty.

Topics Covered:

1. The concept of neurodynamics
2. Neurodynamic sequencing
3. Effect of bilateral neurodynamic testing on neurodynamics – SLR and upper limb neurodynamic tests
4. Neuropathodynamics – expanding the boundaries and classification of different dysfunctions
5. Neurodynamic testing – MNT1, MNT2, RNT, UNT, RSNT and sensitization
6. Planning the physical examination – how not to provoke pain but still treat the neurodynamic component. How to sensitize the examination and treatment for hidden neurodynamic problems, level 1,2 and type 3a, 3b, 3c and 3d examinations
7. Diagnosis of neurodynamic tests – differentiating neural tissue from neuromusculoskeletal tissues, establishing what is normal and abnormal
8. Classification and diagnosis of specific dysfunctions – sliding dysfunction, tension dysfunction, pathophysiological dysfunction, mechanosensitivity dysfunction, mechanical interface dysfunctions, hyperactivity protective muscle dysfunction, innervated tissue dysfunctions
9. Method of treatment – system of technique progression, hypersensitivity problems, hidden neural component and sensitized examination
10. Treatment progressions – cervical nerve root foraminal opening and closing dysfunctions, neural tension dysfunction, combined neural tension and reduced closing dysfunctions (level/type 3c), thoracic outlet syndrome treatment combinations, medial and lateral elbow pain, carpal tunnel syndrome. Neural tension dysfunction, specific neural siding dysfunctions.

                          When:                                                                                Seminar Location:

Upper Quarter – March 10-11, 2017 9am-5pm                                                Movement Performance Institute
Lower Quarter – March 12-13, 2017 9am-5pm                                8830 S Sepulveda Blvd,
Los Angeles,CA 90045                                                                                                                                                                       

                         Fees:                                                                                        Contact:

Course Fee: $625 for each module and $1075 for both                                    For questions email Yoav Nagar, D.C.
Student Fee:$525 for each module and $895 for both                           
Instructor: Michael Shacklock, FACP, MAppSc, DipPhysio

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***Space will be limited in order to provide an ideal ratio between instructor and students. We will be limiting the number of spots available to 25. We expect the course to fill up quickly so reserve your spot early to insure your ability to attend. (students spaces are limited to 10)

***Due to the expense involved in hosting this event, all registration payments are considered final, and will not be refunded except under special circumstances.