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Functional Rehabilitation

istock_000005245060xsmallWhat Is Functional Rehabilitation?

The staff at Sports and Spine Rehabilitation Center believes that the most important component of pain elimination and injury prevention therapy is the restoration of optimal functionality.

The human body will often develop a serious injury after trauma, repetitive stress, or unnatural movement. This can be a problem for anyone, as it is important for the entire body to be able to move through a full range of motion. For an athlete, this is extremely important. For example, when a tennis player develops restricted movement in their hip area, they’re forced to compensate with a greater range of motion in the shoulder region. This leads to repetitive stress that overloads the rotator cuff as well as tendons found in the elbow. Unless the hip problem is corrected with a functional rehabilitation program, the player will keep reinjuring their elbow and shoulder.

After the sports chiropractor has assessed the functional movement of the patient, a diagnosis can be made. The therapist will also help them devise an exercise program appropriate to their abilities and rehabilitation needs. This specialized program will be designed to reestablish normal strength and flexibility in specific muscles. By teaching patients about proper movement, the therapist helps them prevent future injuries.

It’s vital to exercise the body in a functional manner to ensure appropriate buildup of muscle as well as optimal joint flexibility and strength. This will ensure that the nervous system works correctly and that you can use all parts of the body in a correct manner.

This exercise program is adjusted in conformance with the patient’s changing condition and physical needs. Our chiropractic therapy programs take an active, functional approach. Research has shown that patients who suffer from painful conditions will improve faster with increased activity.

Again, a “one exercise fits all” approach tends to be ineffective, so individualized programs are preferred. Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that exercise tends to be more effective and enduring when combined with manual therapy.

It should be kept in mind that exercise specificity is highly important in the treatment of sports injuries. This means that the exercise program should be specific to the individual, the kind of injury that afflicts them, and the sport they play. A good sports injury chiropractor should not simply advocate a standard list of exercises and machines for all their patients. A middle-aged mom should not perform the same routine as a hockey player.