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Corrective Movement Pattern Technique


“Corrective Movement Patterns Technique,”  as created by Dr. Yoav Nagar,  blends several different philosophies and movement techniques. It is, in essence, a blend of different movement evaluation techniques with the purpose of looking at the quality of movement patterns in each individual, thus discovering their faulty movement patterns and weak link.  After the evaluation is completed we move to the corrective aspect of the technique which blends  several soft tissue techniques and corrective exercises.   The soft tissue techniques are generally Myofascial release while applying body movement, while the corrective exercises,  are mainly based on developmental movements. These developmental movements focus on the basic motoric reflexes of the brain with an emphasis on  Centrated joint positioning, otherwise known as neutral joint positioning.

The objective of the “Corrective Movement Patterns Technique” is to restore proper movement governed by the brain. It is in essence more of brain training technique than just an exercise.